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Keep a complete record of your athletic activity


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Polar Flow is the official companion app of the devices Polar Loop, Polar M400, and Polar V800, a series of heart rate monitors and GPS devices for outdoor training, specifically geared toward users who go running or cycling outside.

Unlike other sports apps, such as Runtastic or Endomondo, whose purpose is to record your athletic activity, Polar Flow allows you to keep a complete record of all of your activity: the amount of time you spend walking, the time spent running, resting time, etc. All of that, logically, thanks to a device on your wrist.

From Polar Flow's main interface, you can take a quick look at the most important information concerning your physical activity: the time you've been active, calories burned, steps taken, and even time rested. Additionally, you can set goals and see how far you are from completing them.

Another interesting feature is the website version of Polar Flow, where you can see all of your physical activity on a map and share your routes with other app users.

Polar Flow is a very interesting app for athletes, that can keep the most complete record of all of their physical activity. It's simply necessary to always wear the Polar heart rate monitor on your wrist.

Requires Android 4.0.1 or higher


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